A typical languedocian Olive oil

We produce our olive oil "Huile Dargent" using organic methods. We use traditional ways and intervene as little as possible in the production process.

The olives are harvested manually using combs and nets towards the end of November to aquire a green fruit fragrance. It is at this period that the olives begin to change colour and that they have this uniquely typical mediterranean aroma.

We keep our oil in stoneware bottles to retain all it's freshness and also in pump dispenser form (like a spray bottle but just a thin line of oil is dispensed) for the practicality of the kitchen and dinner table.

Our olive groves are situated in the in the Herault region between vinyards and garrigue. Since 2010 we have looked after olive groves for another family always using the same traditional methods. Each year we hope to add to our olive varieties and in 2012 will be planting another 400 trees.

We will therefore be able to propose different "assemblages" going from ardent to spicy to peppery.

We can also propose excellent olive oil from Clos Romain which harvests late in December to aquire a black fruit fragrance mixing Luques and Tanche to obtain a mellow oil.

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Huile d'olive - Huile Dargent